Selim Ünlüsoy is the Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Istanbul and GTB Istanbul. He also is a Board Member at EDCOM, part of The European Association of Communication Agencies. At the age of 29, he became the youngest ECD ever at a network agency in Turkey. Before joining Ogilvy Istanbul, he has worked at Leo Burnett Moscow and Istanbul, Lowe Istanbul and DDB&Co., contributing to the agency's success to become one of the top 3 agencies of the year in Cannes Lions.

Selim's work has won many international trophies in Cannes Lions, Golden Drum, One Show, New York Festivals, London International Awards, Epica, as well as national awards like Crystal Apple and Kirmizi, making a total of more than 60 awards and honors. His work was featured in Beaux Arts Magazine, Lürzer's Archive and numerous other publications. He was selected to serve as a jury member in both national and international award shows. Outside the agency, he creates multi-disciplinary work including publication design, experiential design, branding, photography and many more. Thanks to award shows forcing him to write his biography in third person, he now has to deal with another self on top of everything.

Elif Erten / Interactive Lead at Accenture

October 29, 2018 / Elif managed Selim directly

Selim is one of those ECD’s who makes a great partner to any Managing Director running an ad agency (and I was very lucky to be one) with the way he handles the fine balance between creative integrity and pressing realities of the business. He’s a perfectionist, great collaborator and mentor at the same time, so anyone working with him comes away with wider skill-sets and more refined taste. I’ve always admired how he could look beyond the face value of standard briefs, seeing the real creative and/or business potential in them and also giving every project, regardless of the client profile or budget limits, it’s due care and attention, no matter how overloaded he might be. But one thing that truly sets him apart in an industry, where quite often unwanted behavior wrongly construed as talent, is his most pleasant personality and caring heart. He’s a living proof that you can win Awards and new clients and be a nice person at the same time.

Anastasia Orkina / Global Marketing Director, B2C NOKIA

August 4, 2014 / Anastasia was a client of Selim’s

He is a genius - brilliant creative mind/eye and very strategic at the same time.

Lawrence Du Pre / Managing Director DDB & Tribal Amsterdam

November 15, 2012 / Lawrence was senior to Selim but didn’t manage directly

Selim is a class act and one of the most talented young art directors I've worked with in the last 10 years. He's a true craftsman as well as an ideas man as well as being utterly devoted to the communication business and creativity. It's very pleasing for me to see his rapid and well deserved rise and I'm sure that his maturity and people skills will also make him a very good team leader.



Jury Experience

Eurobest Jury, 2011

Golden Drum, 2013

Cannes Young Lions Jury, 2017/11

Crystal Apple, 2018/17/16/15/11

Felis Awards, 2018/17/16

ARVAK Awards, 2017


Award Experience


Automotive Category, Bronze, Effie 2019

Personal Care Category, Bronze, Effie 2019

Integrated Bronze, Crystal Apple 2018

Film Silver, Crystal Apple 2018

Print Gold, Crystal Apple 2018

Print Silver, Crystal Apple 2018

Branded Content, Gold, Effie 2017

Design, Retail POS Winner, WPPED Cream 2016

Design, Promotional Winner, WPPED Cream 2016

Design, Branding Highly Recommended, WPPED Cream 2016

Best Identity Design, Crystal Apple 2016

Innovation Winner, Crystal Apple 2016

Best Packaging Design, Crystal Apple 2016

Print Gold, Crystal Apple 2016

Ambient Gold, Crystal Apple 2016

Print Silver, Crystal Apple 2016

Radio Silver, Crystal Apple 2016

Promo Bronze, Crystal Apple 2016

Print Bronze, Crystal Apple 2016

Media Bronze, Crystal Apple 2016

Silver, Effie 2016

Bronze, Effie 2016



Print Bronze, KIAF 2014

Outdoor Bronze, White Square 2014

Outdoor Gold, Golden Hammer 2014

Print Gold, Golden Hammer 2014

Best Use of Radio Gold, Golden Hammer 2013

Film Gold, ADCR 2013

Outdoor Gold, KIAF 2013

Radio Silver, KIAF 2013

Creative Media Projects Bronze, KIAF 2013

Film Silver, IDEA 2013

Film Craft Silver, IDEA 2013

Radio Silver, IDEA 2013

Radio Craft Bronze, 2013

Silver, Effie 2012

Film Bronze, Epica 2011

Print Merit, One Show 2011

Radio Finalist, New York Festivals 2011

Print Finalist, New York Festivals 2011

Print Finalist, New York Festivals 2011

Outdoor Campaign Bronze, Cannes Lions 2010

Radio Bronze, Cannes Lions 2010

Radio Campaign Bronze, London International Awards 2010

Radio Finalist, London International Awards 2010

Print Silver, Golden Drum 2010

Radio Silver, Golden Drum 2010

Outdoor Finalist, Golden Drum 2010

Print Gold, Crystal Apple 2010

Print Gold, Crystal Apple 2010

Print Bronze, Crystal Apple 2010

Radio Gold, Crystal Apple 2010

Print Silver, Golden Drum 2009

Print Bronze, Cannes Lions 2009

Print Finalist, Cannes Lions 2009

Ambient Finalist, Cannes Lions 2009

Radio Finalist, New York Festivals 2009

Print Bronze, Crystal Apple 2009

Young Lions Silver Medal, Cannes Lions 2008

Young Lions Print Winner, Turkey, 2008

Young Lions Film Winner, Turkey, 2007

+ many other merit awards and certificates