Gamer Grease

A series of studies on the human grease leftovers on the surface of mobile gaming devices. These delightful patterns are often regarded as a failure of human evolution, an unwanted layer between the user and the content. We don't agree.

Leo Burnett Storyteller

This is one of the first concepts I ever designed. An iPad application dedicated to the art of storytelling. Leo Burnett Storyteller is designed to enhance your presentation skills. It goes further than making your audience imagine your story as you're presenting, it makes people really taste it. The application does this by using innovative interface and easy to use sound effects.


The first drawing app that lets you be a real painter. Paintair™ records the movements of your hands while drawing that uses a special printer that paints like you did.


This is a project that is still in the early development stages. The idea is very simple, we are designing a weather app that shows you not your current location's weather but the forecast for the coldest city in your country. Thus reminding you that there are people having a much more shittier day than you so you can stop complaining and get on with your things.