About Nights

Herkes sana bir şey ol der. Sabırlı ol. Razı ol. Tasarruflu ol. Çok da uğraşma ya iş sonuçta rahat ol. Dikkatli ol. Ayık ol. Aman suya sabuna dokunma temkinli ol. Mantıklı ol. Saçmalama ciddi ol. Düz ol. Hızlı ol. Hazır ol. Sakin ol... Ama bizce sen, #aşıkol

All-new Ford Focus

This is the first-ever passenger vehicle commercial film developed locally for Ford Turkey. Every frame in the film, every curve in the production design, every note in the music track has a lot of sweat and labour behind it.

Maru Archi•Technology

Maru means “perfection” in Japanese and the architectural firm that took their name from, is out to do nothing less than that. Having patents around the globe, Maru gave us a new perspective on how we look at the buildings we spend most of our lives in. Ultimately, this notion reflected on the branding work as well. We wanted to create a look that is modular, simple and applicable to be able live up to it’s name. Below is the early explorations on the relationship between the grid and the elements that live on that grid.

Gamer Grease

A series of studies on the human grease leftovers on the surface of mobile gaming devices. These delightful patterns are often regarded as a failure of human evolution, an unwanted layer between the user and the content. We don't agree.

Beauty Beyond Numbers

This is something we've been working on for almost 7 months. 7 months of developing, writing, pitching, presenting, revising, convincing. Without the upmost trust from the Unilever team, this new perspective on beauty would have died inside a presentation deck. We're blessed to have a campaign that is worthy of our days and nights and weekends. 

Zodiak Branding

Branding for a bikes part manufacturer from Moscow, Russia. Zodiak is an initiative of my friends in Moscow. They asked me if I can design a radiant identity that can be embedded into gears and shifts they are producing. The result is below.

Dreft Posters

Published on Luerzer's Archive Vol.03-2014 / Thanks to it's special shape-preserving formula, Dreft helps keep the shape of your clothes. So they could fit only you, not your best friend ;)


Published on Luerzer's Archive Vol.03-2014 There’s only one brand that has become the synonym of the off-road category. Only one logo that makes sense in the most unattainable places on Earth.

Vse Prosto*

* All is Easy - in Russian. This is the film we created for MegaFon (one of the leading Russian telecom brands) to promote their "Vse Prosto" tariff. The idea is to showcase very different personalities that have only one thing in common, the option.

Megafon Olympic

This is the film we created for MegaFon (one of the leading Russian telecom brands) to promote it's support of the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. We tried to show how modern tech affects the way people interact with the Olympic Games. It's not official TV broadcasting anymore. It's much more personal – every tweet, every like, every post, every share adds to a bigger story.

BigMac Anniversary

Concept work proposed to celebrate the anniversary of the legendary BigMac. The idea works off notion that trends come and go yet the BigMac stays the same. Suggesting that it's already, well, perfect.